REVIEW: Wooderson - Mint Condition

Wooderson reveal exactly how fucking great the forthcoming record will be with this sneaky peak single. Featuring two tracks (one slice of the album, and one recorded late last year) that really do everything they can to remind you that the low key success of Wooderson is some sort of universal anomaly that cannot be explained.

Seriously, Wooderson are one of those bands that we all love but seem to forget it because they don’t pass through town as much as some other bands. They are always on the tip of our tongues but never quite get the chins wagging as they should. I suspect this will change when their first full-length, Let The Man Speak, is released.

Mint Condition is a meandering journey through textbook level post-hardcore which just oozes cool. Almost like the song it wearing Wayfarers and doesn’t even care that the sun is setting. The second track is a bit different, with a  suggestion of a shoegazing twinkle daddy at it’s heart, it almost has a Manic Street Preachers vibe somewhere around the vocal melody too. It’s an odd combination, but one that totally works. The tracks are jammed together a bit oddly, it’s pretty jarring when you move from the dusky tones of Mint Condition to the twinkle-mo intro that follows.

It bodes well, the songs are a clear progression from 2009’s EP. More focused, without losing any of the energy. Also, the EP mostly sounded like Fugazi, where as this sounds exactly like Wooderson.